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Andie Swim:
Landing Page

Andie Swim is a women's swimwear brand that prioritizes casual, high-quality pieces for the closet. I created and optimized a landing page template for their different sale offers and collection launches.


Ampush Growth Agency

Growth Design, UI/UX Design, A/B Testing

Andie Landing Page


CRO Audit,

and UX Map

The heatmap data of  Andie Swim's old landing page had shown that new customers would frequently navigate out of the home page instead of converting or exploring the website due to the site's unclear navigation. We also noticed that it would take multiple clicks in the flow for the customer to add a product or explore a collection's swatches to the cart while on the homepage.

We also saw that there were also multiple opportunities to showcase immediately different top products, testimonials, and value props.

Old Landing Page

Old UX Map

UX Map


The primary goal is to create a new landing page template that can increase conversion and ARPU (average revenue per user).


Customers in recordings typically navigate away from the landing page or give up before getting to any product page. Customers are less likely to convert if sent to a landing page versus a product page. Customers are very interested in the fabric section.

Friction Points

Customers have given feedback that they are confused how to access the menu of the landing page. They also are confused and overwhelmed with what fabrics or swatches  are available for each item.


There is an opportunity to maximize the landing page's sections by showing in-demand swatches and fabrics of each bathing suit style and to clearly show the navigation bar.



In creating the Lo-fi sketches, I wanted to figure out a way how the customer could quickly convert by making the add to cart process have less steps. I also wanted to maximize the space and give the customer enough information to buy the product.



In the new template, we prioritized lessening the steps of the customer to convert and to create carousels that show the top selling bathing suit styles and the most popular fabrics and swatches for each product style.


We also maximized the space by showing the 5-star reviews for each product to show social proof and a descriptor for each SKU.  We also drove them to a quiz that suggested a bathing suit to skip their whole process of exploring the site so they could quick-add bathing suits to their cart.

New Andie Swim

Landing Page Template

New UX map

New UX Map



After we found that the new landing page template was able to beat the control, we tried to A/B test smaller changes to continuously improve performance. 

One test we did was to take out the header section of the landing page's mobile version so that the above the fold section could show a carousel of the new bathing suit collection.

Mobile Template A

Mobile Template B


and Results

We did an A/B test between this new landing page and its original format. The new landing page won with an increase in conversion by 2% and Average Revenue per User (ARPU) raised compared to the older landing page format. Heatmap data had also shown that exploration and scrolling increased.

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