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Andie Swim:
Mobile Product Page

I redesigned the Andie Swim's mobile product display page after creating a website audit against mobile best practices, competitor analyses, and heatmap records. I also had ownership over designing A/B conversion rate optimization tests for mobile.



Growth Design, UI/UX Design, A/B Testing

Website Audit 

+ Research

Original Amalfi PDP

Before proposing an A/B test and redesigning Andie Swim's product page, we made sure to understand the customer journey by researching current customer friction points through customer feedback, user recordings, and observing potential customers using the website. We also created a website audit to see where the product page was versus CRO (conversion rate optimization) best practices and competitor websites.

PDP's most clicked areas


The primary goal of the user is to explore the product display page as a way to find enough information and value props about the product to buy it. 


Customers currently navigate away after seeing the page above the fold rather than exploring the page. Customers are more likely to click on images and use swiping motions.

Friction Points

Customers have given feedback that not enough information is seen on the page right away to achieve the goal.  There is also a confusion on how to buy different fabrics and lengths on the product display page.


There is an opportunity to put all information above the fold for customers to have enough information to purchase right away. There is also an opportunity to inform customers right away what fabrics and lengths are available.


A/B testing

I created multiple A/B tests according to different quantitative and qualitative data points across heat maps, user recordings, user drop off points, and conversion rates for the Andie Swim PDP. We primarily tested on mobile as most of our users were on mobile browsers.



above the fold

The goal of the first A/B test variant I created was to put all the information needed by the customer to buy the product above the fold. To do this, I redid the layout of the product details such as price, name, review rating and payment options. I also added a sticky CTA to the PDP and an add to cart notification with a checkout button to ease the customer buying process. The results of this test showed that less users navigated away before adding to cart and a higher ARPU (average revenue per user).

First A/B test variant

Peaking customer 


After the first A/B test, results showed that there was improvement but we also saw more opportunity for customers to interact with the page. According to user recordings and customer feedback, there was an interest in color swatches and Andie's customizable swimwear options. The original PDP did not show this information right away and it was very overwhelming to look at all the information given to the customer.


To fix this, I put the color swatch section above the fold and created different carousels and drop downs for customers to interact with. Results showed higher conversion rates and ARPU (average revenue per user) by 4% with the new variant.

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 4.42.40 PM.png

Original PDP's swatch section


Second A/B test variant's swatch and size option section

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