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Ascend Charter Schools

Ascend is a tuition-free Public Charter School open to all and focused on Liberal arts education. The school is based around different parts of Brooklyn. We proactively created advertisements and print designs that could easily inform the local community about Ascend's education.

Junior Designer

Morgan Jordan Studios

Ad Design, Print Design

Design in Context

In creating the different design material for Ascend, it was  important to create specialized mockups that were applicable to the school areas. This meant photographing the communities and school to accurately design both the school's banners and numerous advertisements that would be put up across the New York Subway.

Adaptable Print Design

The goal for this was to create a flexible design that could be used for numerous languages.

Flyers, posters, and promotional materials were made to be flexible enough templates that could handle both English and Spanish translations with either short or long form information. This was important as to understand the local Brooklyn communities Ascend was reaching out to.

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