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I designed high-level strategic digital advertisements for our client Birchbox across paid media channels such as Facebook and Snapchat. Since joining the account, I was able to grow Birchbox's paid acquisition by 60% in 6 months through the creatives I made. I did this through multiple strategies of A/B testing and focusing on making sure that the paid ad's visuals were cohesive with their new brand refresh.


Ampush Growth Agency

Motion Design, Growth Design

WFH + 


In making ads for Birchbox, the main goal was to entice casual beauty consumers to join the beauty box subscription service even during COVID. 


Birchbox increased its relevancy in the competitive beauty subscription market through both the COVID and Work from Home angle. These "Work From Home" themed ads created a 42% lift vs non-COVID ads.

Strategic Creative Testing

To get data on what brands are attracting customers and Birchbox's target market, the team aggressively tested creatives against each other with multiple iterations.


In the first example, we tested what brand mentions would gain the most traction and conversion when called out by dividing them into different buckets (clean beauty, skincare, haircare, variety). In the second one, we also tested showing off samples and did A/B testing to see whether UGC or brand materials would differ the outcome.


Brand Story

As Birchbox was going through a rebrand to appeal to a younger audience, we made sure that their brand campaigns were Facebook and Instagram friendly while still balancing their new brand voice and visuals.

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