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Family Landing Page

I designed a landing page for Hungryroot (an AI personalized grocery service) that marketed specifically to customers with families. The homepage's goal was to include multiple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) search terms popular with families to unlock a new customer base.

Senior Designer


UI/UX Design, Animation

User Research and Competitor Analyses

To really understand our new customer prospect, I worked with our user research team and looked through their qualitative and quantitative data on families and their needs and wants. I also looked through our Hungryroot facebook community, customer service emails, and instagram comments for any feedback on related to Hungryroot's service being used for families. I also audited multiple competitor landing pages from Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Nurture Life, and Little Spoon.


Create a family-oriented landing page that would be searchable by different search engines and would easily come up on pages organically to unlock a new customer base.


According to our customer research team, potential customers that have families like to look for grocery services that are easy, save time, and can target their children's nutrition and picky eating.

Friction Points

Current customers with families have given feedback on being confused how they can customize their orders according to their different family members and how kid-friendly Hungryroot's recipes and groceries are.


There is an opportunity to showcase much more clearly how Hungryroot's family-oriented content versus our current landing page through different sections.

Wireframes and Mockups

I collaborated with our copywriter to determine what sections should be made and what would appeal the most to customers. We also wanted to make sure to include SEO keywords as so the landing page was reachable through organic searches. 

To do this we included UGC with value props, testimonials, a comparison chart, and a how it works section to really drive customers to convert by showing social proof and how valuable the service can be.

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