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Hungryroot: Year in Review

I created the design direction, illustrations, animation, and prototype for the development of Hungryroot's Year in Review project. The Year in Review project is an overview for each specific's customer's journey with Hungryroot. This was made with retention purposes and resulted in lessening cancels, strengthening reorder rates, and converting cancelled customers.

Senior Designer


Email Design, Social Design, Illustration, Motion Design



The Hungryroot Customer Anniversary Email was made with the goal of bringing ongoing customer retention rates up and to convert previously cancelled customers. With this goal in mind, I created a colorful layout with illustrations that went with the different customer statistics.

Social posts

Different social posts were created to entice viewers before and after the newsletter release of Year in Review. We aimed to first humanize Hungryroot by highlighting different employee's Hungryroot journeys. The next social post featured different fun facts about how much our customers used our service in 2022.

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