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Hungryroot: Direct Mail

I created Hungryroot's best performing direct mail design by strategically using high-strategy content with fun, delightful visuals that can attract the customer. This design was able to lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) with its high response rate and 4-panel layout. 

Senior Designer


Print Design, Illustration

Beating the Champion 

Our most important goal for this project was to beat our current direct mail champion which was an older 3-panel design by having a stronger CAC. In creating the design strategy, the team evaluated A/B tests from the previous months and compiled results. I then created a small mock-up of the 4-panel to ensure that the team was thinking of the direct mail design in a three-dimensional way while we worked on the wireframe.


delight in high-strategy design

One of the questions I had to think of while designing this layout was how to maximize the 4-panel space. To do this, I made sure that the first thing that the customer saw was our well-performing UGC pictures which have performed well in other channels. I made sure the mail design explained all our value props visually with a comparison chart and a grid on our grocery categories and dietary need filters.

I also made sure to create some moments of delight for the customer by emphasizing on free gift language and include colorful and informational icons that showed dietary needs or value props.



When it was rolled out and tested, this 4-panel layout was able to beat the previous 3-panel champion by having a 96% confidence interval in response rate and having an overall better cost per acquistion.

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