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Hungryroot: Homepage

Hungryroot is a meal and grocery delivery service that uses AI to customize customer's carts. We wanted to create a website that clearly shows Hungryroot's value props and how to use de livery service. I collaborated with our UI/UX team to visually design the assets for our current website.

Senior Designer


Visual Design

Hungryroot Landing Page

I gathered research and context across the company such as the product research team, product team, and customer service team to gain information on different user experience data points such as user behavior, prospective customer feedback, and current customer feedback. I also worked with the product team and brand team to look through different competitors and to audit our current homepage according to design best practices and competitor pages.

Old Hungryroot Homepage


The primary goal of the user is to gain information on what Hungryroot is as a grocery product and be able to understand Hungryroot's value props enough to subscribe to the service.


Customers subscribe thinking that Hungryroot is a meal kit service and are attracted to the different recipes and groceries shown.  Customers click through reviews and recipes before signing up.

Friction Points

Customers misunderstand that Hungryroot is a meal kit when Hungryroot is a different service. This leads to customer drop off. Customers are confused of our recipe and grocery catalogue and variation.


There is an opportunity to show Hungryroot's value props as a grocery service and what it is as a product much more clearly. There is also an opportunity to show Hungryroot's different products and recipes.

Website Audit

+ Opportunities


value props

After collaborating with the product research team and understanding our customer prospects, I strategically chose our recipe and grocery category designs according to our most popular meals and products. 

I also created a design to easily show new customers what would be in their first box and animated illustrations according to our most appealing value props.


and Results

Testing and Results

After A/B testing the new homepage against the old homepage, we saw a 4% increase in conversions for new users and an increase in family (3 or more people) households.

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