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Puso was a conceptual brand assignment on creating a brand that uses medieval visuals, the ricecake dish "suman" as a product, and millenials as a target audience.


Puso is the word for the heart in Filipino. Puso is an organization that aims to uplift and empower rice farmers in the modern-day feudalistic Philippines. They serve this goal by handling the selling, marketing, and promotion of the farmers’ homemade ricecakes called suman as to fund legal proceeds, charity events, and protest for this advocacy.



Branding, Illustration

The Problem

"We want a sense of ownerships as farmers because if we just give away the land and animals we take care of, they will just sell them instead."

The Philippines is more than a tropical island of beaches but also a land where modern-day feudalism is still alive. Most farmers found in the Philippines do not own land as many land-grabbers and modern-day slave owners give no money to the workers.

The  Audience

Young people, specifically, Millenials have created a powerful movement of revolution and progress through protesting the government and also supporting advocacies. We want to tap into their passion to help this crisis with the farmers because we believe in their power and knowledge in social awareness.

The  Solution

Puso comes in as an advocacy organization that makes suman (ricecakes) as a way to empower and help our farmers in a much more ethical way while also serving Filipinos representation for their regions. Puso becomes an accessible way for millenials to take part in this advocacy with cheap prices and easy eating during protests.

The Design System

Puso's design system reflects more than just trend but a visual cue of values. It stems from the history of socialism, power, and revolution, and community.

Puso's logo and name comes from a method of folding banana leaves, but also from the kindness of the Filipino heart. The icon in the center and logo both visually become a symbol of suman-folding and also an abstraction of a human heart.

The Application

Due to Puso being an Advocacy brand that wants to give most of its proceeds to the farmers, we want to minimize the packaging while also being practical. 

Puso uses current newspapers showing the political landscape of the land as packaging to show social awareness while also using stamps as a simple label for the product. The stickers are also shaped in squares for functionality as so it can be cut straight without any die-cut to make a beautiful label without pretension.