RCA Records

Through the Sony Music Entertainment internship, I was able to create and design social assets such as playlist covers, social skins, and instagram templates while working closely to the Digital Marketing team.

Digital Design Internship

Sony Music Entertainment

Social Skins

In making social skins for RCA, I created a flexible eye-catching design that can easily be used seamlessly in all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and more for the label.

As a way to celebrate Mulatto's signing onto RCA, we superimposed her on the RCA logo to create the illusion of her sitting on it.

Spotify Playlist Covers

In creating the design for the RCA Spotify playlist template, it was clear to create one that was flexible enough that any artist picture could fit while also being fun and eye-catching for the viewer to click on. 

Livestream Template

Because of the COV-ID19 Pandemic, RCA Digital Marketing created a steady livestream schedule for their artists to interact with fans even during community quarantine. 

This lead to the creation of the livestream schedule design of RCA. To catch the viewer's eye and to make them excited, bright colors were used that changed everyday.